January 2, 2014

Most of the data on our Computers Hard disk & Removable Devices are precious. Even if they aren't, once we lose them, we tend to give them higher importance.  There are times we lose our data, and the reasons may range from accidental deletion, formatting of the hard disk/storage device, virus, corrupted files to problem in the devices. Once we lose it we start panicking, and try to find if we had kept the same in other devices or if we have copy of those with our friends.

The Basic thing to remember is to keep your calm and try to recover the files from the lost drives/devices. Yes the lost data can be recovered provided that you don't format the drive multiple times. There are software, some paid and some free with which you can recover the lost data. During recovery, the recovered data must be saved in some other location than the drive of the device from where it was lost.  Some of the software that serve the purpose of recovering the files are:

These software do help to recover majority of the data, however there are chances that you might not be able to recover few of them or most of the data. Thus, it is always advisable to keep backup of data, save in clouds (follow http://www.mbaweblog.com/2013/10/data-storage-in-cloud.html ) and other devices whenever possible to prevent data loss.